Doll Contest Update

Hey kids! Our doll design contest ends in a week, so now is the time to pull out that pencil or tablet and start drawin’. (More details here.)

So far we’ve only had one entry, so I’ve decided to sweeten the pot a little. On top of a sweet trophy and sweet swag for the winner, if you enter and I post your design on*, I will also make your doll for you and send it to you in the mails. I offer that service in the store for approximately a scad of cash, so this is your chance to get some valuable handcrafting done for free.

Creating Sew By Numbers toys is a little different from anything you’ve done in the past – it’s more like designing papercraft. In putting together the templates, I did everything I could to move the sewing details out of the way, so it would be easy for 2D artists and graphic designers to make plushies.

As I’ve put together the ones that were done by hand on flats at last year’s SDCC, its become clear to me that the pattern is much more flexible and forgiving than I anticipated.  Even a 30-second sketch can produce interesting results.  So consider this an invitation to try the medium out and see how it handles.  BUT I’ll only be offering this until June 13, so get those entries in soon!

*For a design to feature on the site, it must be complete and have a credit on the credit line, like this.

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