Make Printable Fabric

Printable fabric is thin cotton, silk or synthetic fabric on a backing sheet. It can be used in any inkjet printer just like a piece of paper.  Once you remove the backing, the fabric can be sewn into any number of projects.

You can buy colorfast printable fabric from most craft stores.  Be sure to get fabric that does NOT have an iron-on backing.

You can also purchase kits for making Sew By Numbers dolls here.  They come with everything you need to print out and make your doll – fabric, stuffing, needles, thread.

Or, you can make your own!  It won’t go through the wash, but it will save you money.  Here’s how.

You’ll Need:

1 9″ x 12″ square of thin fabric, washed.  Quilting cotton works best.

1 8.5″ x 11″ solid sheet of inkjet or laser label paper. Note that perforated pages (mailing labels, etc) will NOT work.



Inkjet Printer

How to Make It:

Iron fabric completely flat on highest possible setting.  Make sure to flatten out large creases as much as possible.

Remove label paper from backing and apply to fabric, making sure the edges bind and that the entire piece lies flat.  Flip the piece over and smooth out any bubbles.  To fix creases, gently peel the fabric away from the paper, pull it tight and press it back down.  Flip it back over.

Cut the fabric to size, leaving as little overhang as possible. DO NOT PULL STRAY THREADS! Cut them with your scissors.  Take extra care to make the leading edge of the paper (the bit you’ll face inward when you load it) as straight as possible.  If you removed the backing from the label paper in one peel, one corner of the paper will probably curl inward.  You want to use the opposite side of the paper from your curl as the leading edge.

Put it in the printer, and print something!

Peel the label paper off. You can throw it out, or use it as a sticky trash pad to hold your scraps and bits of thread.

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