Thingiverse <3s Us (And Vice Versa)

One of my favorite places to visit online is Thingiverse, a catalog of digital designs for physical objects.  Most of the content is for people with 3D printers and laser cutters, but it’s designed to be open ended.

So I put the SBN Alpha up there.  Hey, it’s a digital design for a physical object!   On the other hand, most people look at the final product and say, “so what?  It’s a sewing pattern, big whoop,” without realizing that the design is printed directly on the fabric. If people have trouble understanding that with a piece of printed fabric in their hands, how hard would it be to understand from just looking at the design? So for about the first 8 hours after I posted to Thingiverse, I fretted over the small chance it might get taken down.

They featured the template.

And then I did a little dance.

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