Sketch Dolls for Comic Con

Last year at San Diego Comic Con, I took a bunch of our blank dolls with me, to be illustrated by artists. The results were pretty amazing – I basically ended up with my own little art toy collection.

I got dolls made by the likes of David Malki!, Phil Foglio, Diana Sprinkle, and Robert Iza.  The illustrious Bryan Lee O’Malley even drew a quick and dirty Scott Pilgrim doll, which was enthusiastically signed by several of the cast members from the movie.

That signature, alone, makes this doll one of my favorite things ever.

Children’s illustrator K. Michael Crawford took a doll home to paint on it, with results that I think you’ll agree are beyond cool and well into spectacular:

Unfortunately, due to some conflicts with other cons, I won’t be able to make it to Comic Con 2011 next month.  Its a pity because last year, I ran out of dolls LONG before I ran out of people who wanted to draw on them.  Hopefully I’ll make it to some other cons this year and have more opportunities to expand my collection.

However, if YOU are planning to go, I highly recommend taking some dolls along. I’ve just opened a new Sew By Numbers store that carries blank dolls and kits. They even come in seven awesome colors!

The two odd colors (Peach and Frog Spot) are limited.  I bought the fabric and when it’s out, it’s out.

If you order before July 13, you will get your stuff in time for Comic Con.

One lesson I learned at last year’s SDCC was that, while drawing on a doll is sexy, a plushie or three takes up a lot of space in your bag.  I started giving artists blanks, still on their backing paper, with labels on them so artists could see where everything goes.  The results were just as good when I put the dolls together.

Here’s a never-before-seen example!  This one comes from Evon Freeman, who was at last year’s con with LAVAPunch.

I love this doll so much.  You have no idea.

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