SDCC Sketch Doll: Evon Freeman

Evon Freeman is a contributor to the excellent comic compilation LAVA Punch, which is how I ended up meeting her at SDCC last year.

I ran out of assembled dolls, so Evon drew her design on flat fabric at San Diego Comic Con before I assembled them.  When I got Evon’s doll home, it looked like this.  (Hers is the one on the bottom right).

After cutting and stitching, behold!  It’s a little dude with a HUGE COWL.  He came out great!

I like this doll especially because it breaks a lot of design assumptions, which is something that I admire a lot in toy design.

The pattern she drew on his outfit is just beautiful, too.

For more of Evon’s stuff, check out her Gallery and DeviantART.  You will not be disappointed.

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